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1967 Pontiac Service Manual

0. General Information

1. Heating and Cooling


1A. Basic Air Conditioning Information

1B. Custom Air Conditioner

Periodic Service and Adjustments on Car

Services and Repairs - Mechanical

Services and Repairs - Refrigeration

Refrigeration Services - Illustrations

Testing and Diagnosis

1C. Automatic Temperature Control

2. Frame and Body Mountings

3. Front Suspension

4. Rear Suspension

4A. Propeller Shaft

4B. Differential

         Safe-T-Track Differential

5. Standard Brakes

5A. Delco-Moraine Power Brake

5B. Bendix Power Brake

5C. Heavy Duty Power Brakes

5D. Disc Brakes

6. Engine Mechanical and Identification

Six Cylinder Engine

V-8 Engine

6A. Engine Cooling and Lubrication

6B. Engine Fuel

Rochester BV Carburetor

Rochester 2GC Carburetor

Carter AFB Four Barrel Carburetor

Rochester 4MV Carburetor "QuadraJet"

Carburetor - General

Fuel Pump

6C. Engine Tune-Up

6D. Emission Control Systems

6E. Engine Electrical

The Charging Circuit

Ignition Circuit

6F. Cruise Control

7. Clutch, Manual Transmissions

7A. Heavy Duty Three Speed Manual (Dearborn) Transmission

7B. Three Speed Manual (Saginaw) Transmission

7C. Four Speed Manual (Muncie) Transmission

7D. Four Speed Manual (Saginaw) Transmission

7E. Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission

7F. Automatic Transmission

8. Fuel Tank and Exhaust System

Exhaust System - Tempest

Exhaust System - Pontiac

9. Steering

9A. Power Steering

Power Steering Vane Type Pump

10. Wheels and Tires

11. Chassis Sheet Metal

12. Chassis Electrical and Instruments

13. Radiator Support and Mounting Parts

14. Front and Rear Bumpers

15. Accessories

16. Index