Can you use a LiPo battery on a brushed motor?

If it is a stock motor then a LiPo pack could be used but it would need to be a 2-cell 7.4 volt pack. If a 3-cell pack 11.1 volt pack is used it will quickly burn out the motor. The 2-cell LiPo pack will have a higher voltage than the stock NiMh pack and it will shorten the life of the motor over time.

Can I use a 3s LiPo battery with a brushed motor?

35t motors will take 3s just fine too. Any time you increase voltage, the brushes will wear faster.

Can I use LiPo battery on brushed ESC?

Re: Lipo battery & brushed ESC & motor…

yes ..

Do you have to use LiPo batteries with brushless motors?

Yep.. YOU WILL BE HAPPY with NIMH and brushless. No need to go lipo. Granted IF you do go lipo, you might notice a longer runtime and maybe a bit more punch over 7 cell. And definately will notice even more power when using 3s lipo.

Can I use LiPo batteries instead of NIMH?

NiMH batteries go flat and don’t hold charge if they aren’t cared for properly. LiPo packs are much easier to use and are just as safe if used properly. Modern ESCs have “LiPo Cutoff” so you can’t discharge a pack below safe voltage.

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Can the Titan 12t handle 3s?

So long as you’re under the 9.6V limit it’ll work just fine. Pretty sure it’s 9.6, either way, it has an over voltage protection built in so if you try and turn the esc on with a battery of too high voltage, like a 3s, it just won’t turn on rather than fry.

How do you match LiPo battery to motor?

Your ESC should match the battery voltage, for example, a 3-cell battery with 11.1V can be paired with a 12V ESC. The Amp rating is the most important factor to remember here. Your ESC should have a threshold amp rating of about 10% more than the burst rating of the motor.

Are NiMH batteries better than LiPo?

LiPo batteries have greater “energy density” than NiMH batteries, meaning they have more voltage and capacity than a NiMH battery would of the same volume. … NEVER charge a LiPo battery using a NiMH charger (or NiMH charging mode on a combination NiMH/LiPo battery charger).

Is LiPo faster than NiMH?

The main attractions to LiPo batteries are more speed, more “punch” off the line and more consistent power during the duration of the run compared to NiMH batteries.

How long will a 5000mah LiPo last?

5000mah is plenty. Quote: 20-35 minutes. depending on gearing and your driving habbits if your full throttle all the time less runtime if your doing a littl eof everything slow and fast your battery will last longer.

Are LiPo batteries really that dangerous?

LiPo batteries have become the most common high performance R/C battery and are used in R/C cars, boats, planes, helis, multirotors and more. However, if charged, discharged, stored, maintained, or handled improperly, they can become extremely dangerous. This is a simple guide for safe LiPo battery ownership and use.

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Can I run a 7.4 V battery instead of 7.2 V?

NO. Not because of the voltage, but because the cut-off setting is different. You will need to either add a BEC that will cut out when the voltage drops low.