Do I need a kicker motor?

What is the point of a kicker motor?

First and foremost, using a kicker motor helps you save on gas. Trolling with a kicker offers great gas to time ratio, which helps save on the gas you would have been using with your main outboard. Along with gas, they help prevent putting unwanted hours on your main outboard.

Is a kicker motor necessary?

A kicker is not necessary. A big motor as well as an electric trolling motor is not necessary as well. Millions of boats in use every day that have no motors of any kind of them.

Why do fishing boats have kicker motors?

Fisherman typically use a kicker instead of their main motor when they want to troll for fish at slower speeds while boaters with larger rigs who run farther offshore like to have them as a back up in case their primary motor dies on them.

How much does a kicker motor cost?

What I’ve been told so far is that total price for the motor and installation is going to run around $4000 for a remote control model. I like to backtroll, so I operate my kicker with its tiller handle. Installation cost me a beer for my neighbor’s help lifting it and helping position it on the transom.

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What size kicker motor do I need for a 16 foot boat?

Why do you need a kicker on a 16′ boat? My vote is for an 8, unless you can find a twin cylinder 6. Most 6’s are single cylinder and vibrate quite a lot at troll speed. A 6 will push you to max displacement speed for a 16-ft boat, and an 8 won’t push you any faster.

How long should a kicker motor shaft be?

A 25″ would work, but may drag the water on take off. It works very well. Just measure your transom where you are mounting the motor. I’d bet you are a lot closer to 20″ than 25″ mounting it off to the side of the big motor.

Is a kicker motor the same as a trolling motor?

Like trolling motors, kickers can be set for different speeds. They are generally faster than trolling motors, but not as fast as outboard motors. Kickers come in both tiller steer and remote steer options.

How fast will a 9.9 HP pontoon boat go?

A 9.9 HP engine is great for slow cruising, but don’t expect to go faster than a 5 MPH.

Where do you mount a kicker motor?

Since the outboard tiller is usually on the port side of the motor, most kickers are mounted on the starboard-side of the transom to facilitate easier tiller steering and throttle control while slow-trolling or putting home.

Why do walleye boats have 2 motors?

Outboard power is often preferred because a motor can be swapped out much easier than an I/O or inboard, and the saltwater environment is pretty hard on equipment. Also, a big advantage with two engines is steering control. You forward one engine and reverse the other and you can turn on a dime.

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Can you troll with a 150 hp outboard?

Trolling bags work very well! I typically need one for to get to 2.2 mph with my 150 hp. They stabilize the boat in wind and waves very well when trolling. If I need to get to 2.0 mph I will put out a second bag.

Who makes the best 9.9 outboard motor?

Yamaha also produces a “high-thrust” 9.9-horsepower model, which provides up to twice the thrust of comparable 9.9 models, thanks to a large-diameter propeller. While not as well-known as some other brands, Suzuki manufacturers some of the nicest and most durable outboards on the market.

Can you troll with a 4 stroke outboard?

Extended trolling in cold water could fill your kicker’s oil supply with fuel. … You use a four-stroke outboard, either your primary motor or a kicker, for trolling. You usually troll for many uninterrupted hours.