What side do you lay a 2 stroke outboard motor on?

Can you lay a 2 stroke outboard motor on its side?

It’s almost never a good idea to lay an outboard motor down on its side or back. … Mercury Marine recommends upright storage to allow the water to drain from the motor, but Mercury also says that a motor may be stored on its side after the water has drained completely.

What side do you lay a 2 stroke outboard?

If its a two stroke, and doesnt have an internal fuel tank, then if it is completely dry storing on its side wont do any damage. It is preferred to store upright. One hint also when storing an outboard, stuff a rag in the propeller so moisture in the air doesnt go up through the exhaust.

What position should I store my outboard motor?

You want to leave the engine in the totally trimmed down position. This will allow all of the water to leak out of the engine, midsection, and lower unit. This will avoid freezing water and major problems!

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Can you lie down an outboard motor?

Both can be laid down after a period of standing upright for the water to drain down from the cooling system. 4 strokes should say which way up to transport them to stop the oil running into the cylinders.

Can you transport a 4 stroke outboard on its side?

New member. My 4 stroke outboard has to be kept upright, or laid down on the side with the the ‘control arm/tiller thing’ downwards. If you lie it down on the other side the oil will misbehave. Look on the engine for markings indicating which side to lie it down on.

Is it bad to lay an outboard on its side?

Lay the engine on the correct side

Incorrect storage will cause engine oil to leak out of the crank case. This makes a mess but only causes long-term damage if you fail to replace the lost oil before starting the engine.

What side do you lay a 4 stroke outboard?

So laying it wrong side down and the crankcase oil WILL flow out in to the air intake. Even laying it the right side up, going from home to the boat allows oil to pool around the bottom of the piston where it seeps past the rings and enough gets in the cylinder to hydraulic it!

What side do you lay a Yamaha 4 stroke outboard?

Yamaha’s are stored handle down, if you’re gong to lay them on their side. I transported mine that way in the back of my SUV for years with no problems.

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Should I store my outboard up or down?

Don’t Store the Motor Tilted Up

When you park the boat for the winter keep the motor trimmed or tilted down, especially if it’s outdoors. This will allow all of the water to drain out of the motor’s cooling system.

Is it bad to run an outboard engine at full throttle?

As long as an outboard is propped correctly, running at full throttle is fine. Will it increase wear more than moderate throttle settings? Probably, but not by an appreciable amount. If you want an engine to last a long time, proper preventative maintenance is exponentially more important than throttle setting.

How low should my outboard sit in the water?

A boat rigger’s rule of thumb is that the motor can be raised one inch for each eight to 10 inches of distance between the transom and prop. As the prop moves further aft, it’s also likely to be in cleaner, “harder” water, and be more efficient.

What makes a 2 stroke hard to start?

(1) That you’ve flooded the engine by trying to start it, or that the lower end is loaded up (because you left the gas petcock on). (2) That there is no spark (thus, the plug is wet because the plug never ignited the fuel). Fixing a wet plug (from a flooded engine) is easy.

Is it OK to use starting fluid on a 2 stroke?

Yes, you can use starting fluid on a two stroke engine, but it must be used with CAUTION. Two stroke engines has OIL mixed with the gas for lubrication of the moving parts of the engine. … Starting fluid will quickly WASH AWAY any oil on those moving parts if an excess amount is used.

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