Your question: How long do ls2 Motors last?

LS engines can last 250-300K if properly cared for (and that’s not hard, I just mean change oil, see to coolant levels, etc.)

Is the LS2 a reliable engine?

The LS2 is a great and extremely reliable/dependable motor and has accomplished a lot of great things over it’s short 3+ model year lifespan but the LS3 just takes it all that much further and is the hot motor of the future IMO.

How many miles does a LS2 last?

150K is nothing for an LS1 or LS2, 200K is the norm, and there are a lot of documented cases of these engines still going strong with over 300k.

Are LS2 Corvettes reliable?

I’ve had 2 c5s and they are decent as well, but given their age you may be replacing parts if it isn’t a low mileage vehicle. Great, thanks. LS2 is a good motor… … From what I know all the LS motors are pretty righteous although some Corvette LS7 motors had a problem with dropping valves.

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Which is better LS2 or LS3?

But, the most obvious difference between the two is the displacement. The LS2 has 6.0L of displacement, and is technically was the first Gen IV Chevrolet engine. The LS3, on the other hand, has 6.2L of displacement and is also Gen IV Chevrolet engine. … To no one’s surprise, the LS3 heads are better than the LS2 heads.

How much horsepower can you get out of a LS2?

The LS2 engine block has a 4.000-inch bore diameter. The cylinders can be bored to 4.030 inches. However, we recommend leaving them as thick as possible when running boost. The block can handle 850 horsepower.

Which LS engine is the best?

If you’re planning on boosting your project the 4.8L truck engine will be perfect for you. The 4.8L can take insane amounts of boost completely stock and will really perform well. If you don’t want a barebones 5.3L or 4.8L you could always step up to a 6.2L truck block which is based on the LS3 engine.

How many miles is an LS engine good for?

LS engines can last 250-300K if properly cared for (and that’s not hard, I just mean change oil, see to coolant levels, etc.) I DD my Corvette 20,000 miles a year in all weather.

How many cubic inches is an LS2?

GM 6.0 Liter V8 Small Block LS2 Engine

Displacement: 6.0L / 364 cu. in.
Introduced: 2005 model year
Discontinued: 2009
Predecessor: LS1 / Gen 3 Small Block
Successor: LS3

What is a L76 engine?

The L76—like its LS2 sibling—is a 6.0L, Gen. 4, aluminum small block engine that was used both in GM cars and trucks. … These motors are capable of making a lot of horsepower, and respond well to upgrades like turbos, superchargers, high-flow cylinder heads, intake systems, cams, and nitrous oxide.

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What is the best year for a used Corvette?

Which Are the Best Used Corvettes to Buy?

  • 1987 Chevrolet Corvette. 1987 Chevrolet Corvette takes the top place among affordable and classic used Corvettes for sale in KY. …
  • 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. …
  • 2011 Corvette Z06. …
  • 2016 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51. …
  • 2017 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport. …
  • 2018 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport.


What year is the most reliable Corvette?

12 Corvettes We Wouldn’t Take For Free (And 12 That Are Worth Every Dollar)

  1. 1 Best: 2020 Corvette C8.
  2. 2 Best: 2019 Corvette ZR1. …
  3. 3 Best: 2009-2013 Corvette ZR1. …
  4. 4 Best: 2000-2004 Corvette Z06. …
  5. 5 Best: 1990-1995 Corvette ZR-1. …
  6. 6 Best: 1988 Corvette Callaway Sledgehammer. …
  7. 7 Best: 1969 Corvette ZL1. …
  8. 8 Best: 1967-1969 Corvette L88. …


Why are used Corvettes so cheap?

Car dealers get a certain amt of vettes, and other cars to sell, and they’re forced to cut prices, which forces people to take less for their vehicles in the used car market. Because dealers are having to discount new ones heavily to move them.

How much is an LS2 engine?

Base Price $12,799

The LS2 402ci 550hp Engine makes max power and torque with a hydraulic cam which is very street able but also gives you the sound you are looking for! Get started today with customizing this LS2 crate engine.

How much horsepower does a LS2 engine have?

LS2 (Car) Performance Specifications

Engine Ratings
Compression Ratio 10.9:1
Horsepower Rating 390-395 hp
Torque Rating 400 ft./lbs.

How much does a LS3 engine cost?

SALE PRICE: $7,861

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The LS3 6.2L is the 430-hp standard engine in the Chevrolet Camaro SS and the all new RWD Chevy SS. It is a fantastic combination of high technology and uncompromising performance. Our LS3 crate engine comes complete, from the Chevy SS-specific oil pan to the ignition system.