Are all microwave turntable motor the same?

Turntable motors and stirrer motors are basically the same, only one is at the bottom of the microwave turning the turntable and the other is at the top turning the stirrer. If your microwave is noisy, the first thing you should do is turn the turntable off if your microwave has the option to turn it off.

Can a microwave turntable be repaired?

Microwave turntable is an easy thing to replace or repair. You must clean and maintain it on a regular basis to get the best performance out of it. If your microwave turntable is not turning, you can contact a professional for repairs and replacement and this can be done by getting in touch with Mr Right.

How much does a microwave turntable motor cost?

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How does a microwave turntable motor work?

A turntable is just a motor that slowly rotates a glass plate in the microwave to provide a more even cook. On some microwaves there is an option to turn the turntable off so make sure it isn’t turned off before trying to troubleshoot.

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Can you use microwave without turntable?


Without a glass turntable or the rotating motor, microwave with a flatbed is so much easier to clean. Without the need to spin the food when cooking, you can expect less or even no splashing of the food.

Does a microwave have to have a turntable?

No Turntables: Most of us are familiar with the spinning plate inside every household microwave. Because commercial microwaves are built to hold higher quantities of food, the dishes are too large to rotate. Heat is also distributed much more evenly in commercial units, removing the need for turntables.

Does a microwave have a motor?

When you microwave something, apart from putting energy into the food, you’re also powering an electric motor that spins a relatively heavy glass turntable. … A magnetron is not perfectly efficient at converting electricity into microwaves: it will get hot.

Is there a motor in a microwave?

The drive motor is located under the glass microwave turntable, and allows the turntable plate to rotate while the appliance is in use. Your drive motor might be broken if it is noisy or does not turn at all. Be sure to disconnect power to the microwave before starting this repair.

Why does my microwave make noise on my turntable?

If an unusual noise is coming from your microwave turntable, the issue may be the drive motor. The microwave uses a motor-driven coupler to turn the glass tray in your microwave. The motor should be replaced if it is making a grinding noise.

What is the voltage of a microwave turntable motor?

It can rotate the big glass plate and on it all your food and dishes. When you connect the motor to its nominal operating voltage supply ( 220 Volts ) it rotates at 6 rpm .

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How do you fix a noisy microwave turntable?

6 Ways to Quiet Down Your Noisy Microwave

  1. Drive Motor. To rotate the turntable, most microwaves will use a drive motor to rotate the tray or just the roller guide on which it sits. …
  2. Drive Coupler. …
  3. Roller Guide. …
  4. Magnetron. …
  5. High Voltage Diode. …
  6. Cooling Fan.


Why do microwaves spin both ways?

Rather, the reversal has to do with the relatively inexpensive turntable motors designed for use in most microwaves, said Robert J. … By design, they reverse their direction of rotation if a load greater than their output torque, or twisting force, is present, he said.

Why do microwaves alternate direction?

The rotation just ensures the energy is more evenly concentrated across the entire food dish. By the same token, when the oven is stopped and starts again rotating in a different direction the microwaves will be hitting the food from different angles so it ensures the food is more evenly cooked.