Best answer: How much does a cooler motor cost?

A motor replacement costs anywhere from $50 to $600. Larger, more specialized, systems require more expensive motors.

What is the cost of cooler motor?

hariecom Desert Air Cooler kit Motor (Black, white)

M.R.P.: ₹ 1,950.00
Price: ₹ 1,500.00
You Save: ₹ 450.00 (23%)
Inclusive of all taxes

Which motor is used in cooler?

air cooler consists of two motors one is air blower motor it a an capacitor start run induction motor and the other motor is for circulating water around the grills this motor is a shaded pole induction motor .

How much are swamp cooler motors at Home Depot?

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current product
2-Speed 1/2 HP Evaporative Cooler Motor 2-Speed 1/3 HP Evaporative Cooler Motor 2-Speed 1/2 HP Evaporative Cooler Motor Kit
$8900 $7800 $11999
(325) (325) (52)

Why my cooler motor is not working?

The unworking condition of the motor is due to the damage or failure of winding or failure of the capacitor. … Check the motor whether it is working properly or not. If the grass is not wetted properly the cooler won’t provide complete cooling, then change the motor the problem will be solved immediately. ౩.

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How much Watt does a cooler consume?

Along with creating airflow they also cool the air (typically using water). They have a fan as well as a motor, and thus the electricity consumption is more as compare to any of the fans. Typical coolers observed in the market are rated about 100-500 Watts (depending on the size and make).

Is air cooler bad for health?

Why air coolers are good for health

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers use water as their refrigerant instead of the CFC and HFC. Thus, it is safer not only to the environment but also to human health. This natural air cooling is proven to be effective even though it does not rely on harmful chemical coolants.

Which is better cooler or AC?

An air conditioner circulates the internal air of the room over and over again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down. Also, air cooler doesn’t make the air overly dry like an air conditioner. Because of the way it operates, an air cooler offers better quality of air for your room.

Which consume more electricity cooler or fan?

Air cooler consume more electricity. Air coolers consume 35% more electricity than a table fan or ceiling fan. The reason being the additional motor running in the air cooler. Air cooler uses additional water motor to circulate the water.

Can I put a bigger motor in my swamp cooler?

You could upgrade it to larger, two speed unit. Then with some additional wires, and a cooler switch, you could select the speed you wished. Granted, at high speed, it would be a few degrees warmer.

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Why is my swamp cooler motor overheating?

Incorrect fan belt tension could cause your swamp cooler motor to overheat. Roughly speaking there should be about 1 inch of play in the tension of your fan belt. You can adjust this by using an Allen wrench and adjusting the motor pulley (sheave).

How much is a new motor for a swamp cooler?

Swamp Cooler Motor Replacement

A motor replacement costs anywhere from $50 to $600. Larger, more specialized, systems require more expensive motors.

Which oil is best for cooler motor?

3-IN-ONE® Motor Oil is a SAE 20 special blend of high-grade oils engineered for 1/4 HP motors or larger. This long-lasting formula is great as an electric motor oil and lubricant, and can also be used to maintain sewing machines fans, drills, lawn tools, and more.

What should I do if my air cooler is not cooling?

Another effective way of increasing the cooling efficiency is by adding ice to the water in the tank. Many people have already tried it with their coolers. In fact, some coolers also come with dedicated ice compartments. Adding ice to the water makes the pads cooler, resulting in cool air passing through them.