Can you troll with a 90hp motor?

Any motor can be used for trolling, if the prop pitch is correct. If you want to use your 90 hp motor for trolling, install a 12 or 13 pitch prop – as opposed to a normal 15 or 17 pitch prop.

Can you troll with a 90hp 4 stroke motor?

Put a 9 pitch prop on the motor and you can troll at 1/4 mph.

Can you troll with your main motor?

That’s all you will need to get your speed down to where you want it for trolling. They are the toughest bags I have ever seen and will last a long time. Just make sure you get big enough size for your boat. Your motor will be just fine at idle speed after the break in period.

Can you troll with a 115 hp?

I would estimate a 115 would troll down in the 2.2-2.5 mph range depending on the size of the boat. Any lower and you will need to add drift socks, trolling plates, lower pitch prop, etc. The Yamaha should go down to 700-800 RPM’s depending on how it’s setup.

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Can you troll with a 50 hp outboard?

I have a 50hp Merc 4 stroke on a 16 ft Lund. If one is going to troll at different times of the year, a motor in the range you have should be fine with a trolling plate. The trolling plate will drop your speed down far enough to troll for anything.

Can you troll with a 4 stroke outboard?

Extended trolling in cold water could fill your kicker’s oil supply with fuel. … You use a four-stroke outboard, either your primary motor or a kicker, for trolling. You usually troll for many uninterrupted hours.

How do you use a troll bag?

they should run with the bags running along the side of your boat. I let my bags back far enough to tie the backs of the bags to my rear cleat or tie the back of the bags to the base of rod holders. you must tie the back of the bags or you will never get control of you boat right.

Can you troll with a 150hp motor?

Trolling bags work very well! I typically need one for to get to 2.2 mph with my 150 hp. They stabilize the boat in wind and waves very well when trolling. If I need to get to 2.0 mph I will put out a second bag.

Can you troll with a 40 hp motor?

40 Merc, no…. 40 Yamaha yes. I troll quite effectively with my 60 Yamaha on a 16 Hewes and a couple of sea anchors for Springers and in estuaries. I like to troll slow for chinook and it gets down slow enough.

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Can you troll with a 25 hp motor?

Re: 25 hp trolling

you can use just about anything to slow you down, a small bucket, drift sock, ive used one of those metal fish baskets that collapse, in the past. Ive used a trolling plate in the past and they work but youll burn a ton more fuel and your steering goes to poop with a little wind.

Can you troll with a 60 hp motor?

A 60 sure ain’t making 60 hp at idle, but if you run a 5″ or 7″ pitch prop like a T8 or ProKicker does, it would troll slowly too. The trick is to run as little pitch as possible, at as low a rpm as possible, yet still have enough prop to propel the boat at a reasonable speed when opened-up.

Can you troll with a Mercury 115 Pro XS?

Anglers who prefer increased boat space and other benefits provided by tiller handles can fit the 115 Pro XS with a Mercury Big Tiller. … On boats with remote controls, digital troll control can be activated through a number of SmartCraft gauges and displays.

Why do you need a kicker motor?

First and foremost, using a kicker motor helps you save on gas. Trolling with a kicker offers great gas to time ratio, which helps save on the gas you would have been using with your main outboard. Along with gas, they help prevent putting unwanted hours on your main outboard.

How do I slow down my boat for trolling?

6 Ways to Troll Slow with Your Boat

  1. Shut Down Your Boat’s Engine(s) If your boat has multiple outboards, shutting down one or more engines will allow you to drop speed. …
  2. Shifting Engines Out of Gear. …
  3. Using Drift Socks and Trolling Bags. …
  4. Benefits of an Auxiliary Outboard Engine. …
  5. Using an Electric Motor. …
  6. Outboard Engines with Troll Mode.
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How much will a trolling plate slow you down?

With the EasyTroller trolling plate, the boat slowed to less than 1mph giving me the range in the troll speeds I use (1-2.5mph) The plate cuts prop efficiency, slowing the boat.

How do you slow down an outboard motor?

Put your bowmount in the water, turn it so the wide part of the lower unit is pushing against the water as your boat moves forward. This will drop your speed a few tenths of a mph. 3.