Do carburetors have a fuel return line?

The fuel line is connected to the inlet side of the carburetor so as to pass fuel into a fuel bowl of the carburetor. The return line communicates with the fuel tank. The nozzle has an orifice formed therethrough. In the present invention, the orifice has a diameter of between 0.005 and 0.050 inches.

Does a carbureted engine need a fuel return line?

Truth be told, many carbureted engines run just fine with a deadhead-style fuel system. … In contrast, a bypass regulator bleeds off excess fuel pressure, dumps it into a return line, and re-circulates the fuel back into the tank.

Do all carburetors have return line?

Registered. Yes, depends on the setup….. most aftermarket regulators have a return port in them. If you run a return your pump will run cooler and run for longer.

Where is the fuel return line on a carburetor?

The feed line goes to the rear of the fuel log next to the firewall. The regulator is mounted on the front side of the fuel log which is the exit side. From there the pressure is adjusted and the return then comes out of the bottom of the regulator and back to the tank.

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Which fuel line is the return line?

The vapour-return line normally runs from the fuel pump or the fuel filter to the fuel tank. This vapour-return line is connected to a special outlet in the fuel pump. Any vapour that forms in the fuel pump returns to the fuel tank through this line.

Do you need a return fuel line?

You don’t really “need” a return; but the car will work better if it has one, on the street. The fuel pump pressurizes fuel to send it to the carb. If the engine isn’t using much fuel (sitting still idling for example) the fuel in the line will be mostly just sitting there, getting hot.

How much fuel pressure is needed for a carburetor?

Fuel pressure should be set between 6 and 8 psi for a gasoline carburetor. An alcohol carburetor is a different animal with very different requirements. The Alky carburetor will require 4 to 5 psi at idle and 9 to 12 psi at wide open throttle.

Do I need a return line with a fuel pressure regulator?

Requires no fuel return line and fittings from the regulator to the fuel tank. This reduces weight, complexity (routing a return line can prove to be difficult), and expense. … Multiple regulators (set at different pressures, such as with a nitrous oxide system application) may be used from one pump.

Who makes the best fuel pressure regulator?

The Top Fuel Pressure Regulator Manufacturers Globally:

  • Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Edelbrock Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Delphi Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Pierburg Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Spectre Fuel Pressure Regulator.
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Can you run 2 fuel pressure regulators?

Regulator 2 should run just one line to the fuel solenoid and block off the second port of the regulator. Yes you do need 2 fuel pressure gauges to adjust the system correctly. Make sure you flow the plate at 6 psi and run 900 psi at the bottle. It is very important to check the sytem with it flowing.

Can you block off fuel return line?

Any fuel going through the return line is simply fuel your engine did not need/could not use. Blocking or restricting the line only increases fuel pressure at the injectors. Blocking the line results in the fuel pressure just being the maximum the pump can push.

Can you use an electric fuel pump with a carburetor?

Yes, you can and some cars like Chevrolet Vegas and equipment was factory manufactured with electric fuel pumps. Many electric fuel pumps are designed to run in fuel tank or inline outside the tanks , with pre-set fuel pressure for carburetor use.

What happens when fuel pressure is too low?

The Importance of Correct Fuel Pressure

Some of these symptoms include your engine running rough, poor fuel economy and black smoke from the exhaust. On the opposite side, if fuel pressure is too low, your vehicle could experience a lack of horsepower, slow staring, an inability to start the engine or stalling.

Can a fuel return line be too big?

The return line has to flow enough not to create a back pressure on the regulator. This will effect fuel flow and pressure on the rail side. You cannot go to big.

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What size should my fuel return line be?

What size should my fuel return line be? … The Fuel Return Line should be at least the same size, or one size larger than the supply. The return line should direct fuel close to the bottom of the tank and away from the pickup.

Why does my fuel pump have 3 lines?

The vapor canister comes off the tank. The third line on the fuel pump would go to your carb. And no oil should come out of the fuel pump block off plate when removed unless the motor was running. The second steel line in your frame is the return line.