Frequent question: What is the principle advantage of the series wound DC motor?

What is the principal advantage of the series-wound dc motor? High starting torque. How is the magnetic brake used to stop rotation of an electric motor armature operate? A friction brake is applied by a spring and released by a magnet when the circuit is de-energized.

What is the principle of operation of a DC motor?

Operating Principle

DC motors operate on Faraday’s principle of electromagnetism which states that a current-carrying conductor experiences a force when placed in a magnetic field.

What is a series dc motor?

Series DC motors are a group of self-excited DC motors in which the field coil is connected in series to the armature winding and thus a higher current passes through it. A series DC motor mission is to turn the electrical energy into mechanical one based on electromagnetic law.

Where are series wound motors used?

The advantage of a Series Wound Motor is that it develops a large torque and can be operated at low speed. It is a motor that is well-suited for starting heavy loads; it is often used for industrial cranes and winches where very heavy loads must be moved slowly and lighter loads moved more rapidly.

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What is the principle of operation of a DC motor quizlet?

What is the principal of operation of a DC motor? The attraction and repulsion of magnatism. Define torque. The turning force developed by a motor.

What are the advantages of DC motor?

Below are some advantages of DC motors that you should consider:

  • Good speed control. DC motors offer highly controllable speed. …
  • High torque. …
  • Seamless operation. …
  • Free from harmonics.


What is the purpose of DC motor?

What is a DC Motor? A direct current (DC) motor is a type of electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. DC motors take electrical power through direct current, and convert this energy into mechanical rotation.

Which DC motor is best?

Series wound DC motors are best for applications that require high startup torque, without the need for speed regulation. Like a shunt motor, as a load is applied to a DC series motor, the motor speed decreases, which reduces the back EMF and increases the net voltage.

What are the two main parts of DC motor?

DC motors include two key components: a stator and an armature. The stator is the stationary part of a motor, while the armature rotates. In a DC motor, the stator provides a rotating magnetic field that drives the armature to rotate.

Why starters are required in a DC motor?

1. Why starters are required in a DC motor? … Explanation: Starting resistance of a DC shunt motor and DC compound motor is low. Well, that’s the reason why we use starters in a DC motors, in order to limit the armature current flowing through the armature and to protect machine circuitry.

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Can a DC motor run on AC?

DC cannot produce varying flux as it is constant and uni directional. But DC motors may run on AC supply . The DC series motor can run on both AC &DC supply . It is also called as an Universal motor.

Which motor is used in fan?

In conventional ceiling fans, single phase induction motor is used. These motors consume minimum power and hence, are also known as fractional kilowatt motors. A single phase induction motor requires only one power phase for operating. It converts the electrical energy from the power input into mechanical energy.

Why is a series DC motor called Series?

A series wound DC motor like in the case of shunt wound DC motor or compound wound DC motor falls under the category of self-excited DC motors, and it gets its name from the fact that the field winding in this case is connected internally in series to the armature winding.

What factors play a role in the performance of DC motors?

Factors Affecting Motor Performance

  • Voltage of Power Supply.
  • Type of Power Supply.
  • Winding Specifications.
  • Environmental Temperature.
  • Type of Magnet.
  • Flux Yoke.
  • Phase.

What is the function of the commutator in a dc motor quizlet?

When a DC machine is used as a motor, the commutator performs the function of a rotary switch and maintains the correct direction of current flow through the armature windings. An external power source supply current to the shunt field and maintain a constant magnetic field.

What is the primary factor that limits armature current in a DC motor?

At that instant, the counter-EMF is zero and the only factor limiting the armature current is the armature resistance. Usually the armature resistance of a motor is low; therefore the current through the armature would be very large when the power is applied.

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