How do I renew my Cummins Insite license?

If you are purchasing or renewing a license for INSITE you will need to contact your Cummins Distributor. Distributor contact information can be found on Once you are on the site, please select the Licensing Information link on the left side of the screen.

What is the latest version of Cummins Insite?

INSITE 8.5.1 Build 82 – Release Date: April 3, 2019

  • Release Notes – Size: 333 KB.
  • Feature Notes – Size: 154 KB.

How much does Cummins Insite cost?

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This item Cummins Insite Dealer Level Diagnostic Laptop Kit NEXIQ Technologies 124032 USB-Link 2 with Diesel Explorer Software
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Where can I download Cummins Insite?

To download INSITE from our website, please click on the following link: which will take you to the INSITE Software Download page of

Why is Cummins Insite so slow?

This is just because of the requirements. The Cummins Insite program requires more processing power and more RAM to ensure that it opens up quickly and runs all of your tests smoothly. We recommend checking your computer’s specs to determine if that’s what is slowing you down.

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What software does Cummins use?

PowerSpec is a resource for complete powertrain spec’ing for Cummins engines in the on-highway market. PowerSpec supports all on-highway Cummins engines in North America including diesel and natural gas.

What can Cummins Insite do?

INSITE performs engine diagnostics and displays electronic engine information on your PC. Using this software application will reduce troubleshooting time, errors and incorrect procedures and quickly get your vehicle back on the road again. …

How do you reprogram a Cummins ECM?

How to Calibrate your Cummins ECM

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Login and click on the “Service” tab.
  3. Click on the “Related Information” tab.
  4. Proceed to the “Calibration Downloads” link.
  5. The calibration download screen will populate.


Will Cummins Insite work on Paccar?

Confirmed cummin insite doesnt connect to paccar but jpro, and also DDDL 803 did.

How do I buy a fleet count at Cummins?

Please contact customer support at 1-800-Cummins to purchase these many quantities of this product. Otherwise, please reduce the quantity to less than 0 and go ahead with your purchase.

How do I contact Cummins?

For more information visit or call 1-800-CUMMMINS™ to speak to a Care representative.

What is Cummins Insite?

Cummins Insite is a laptop based diagnostic software that performs engine diagnostics and displays electronic engine information on your PC. Included in the program are step-by-step diagnostics, built-in engine drawings, schematics, and diagrams.

How do you use Cummins Zap?

Read More: How to Connecting CUMMINS Engines using Cummins INSITE Software. Select Tools – Options – Security on the menu bar.

  1. Select the type of “ECM Passwords” to be removed.
  2. Select ZAP-IT. The ECM Password Removal Confirmation window will appear.
  3. Select Cancel to close the ECM Password Removal screen.
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How do I update my Cummins calibration?

Open INSITE, click on Calibration Selection, click on ECM, and then find the calibration in the CalibrationWorkspace. If INSITE is already open in the Calibration Selection window, you will need to click on View → Refresh to refresh the screen (Figure 17).