How many horsepower is a 5 2 L engine?

How many horsepower is a 2.5 L?

The new 2.5L is SAE-certified at 196 horsepower (145 kW) and 186 lb. -ft.

How much HP does a 5.2 Magnum have?

Magnum 5.2 L V8

At the time of its introduction, the 5.2 L Magnum created 230 hp (172 kW) at 4,100 rpm and 295 lb⋅ft (400 N⋅m) at 3,000 rpm. Production of this engine lasted until 2002, when it was completely replaced by the newer 4.7 L PowerTech SOHC V8 engine.

How much HP does a 318 have?

The power ratings of the new LA-series 318 were exactly the same as those for the old polyspherical-head design, 230 hp and 340 lb-ft.

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Specifications (net) 318 (2 barrel) 340 (4 barrel)
1977 horsepower 145 @ 4,000
Torque, 1971 (SAE net) 260 @ 1,600 305 or 310

What size engine is a 5.2 liter?

Basic Specifications. Dodge’s 5.2-liter engine features a V-type eight-cylinder construction with a 318-cubic inch displacement. The 5.2-liter 318 CID is a lightweight, single cam engine with hydraulic roller tappets.

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Is a 2.4 L engine good?

The 2.4 was generally a reliable engine, without major flaws; oil sealing was good, head gaskets were well designed, and any flaws in the basic design (including fuel and spark systems) had presumably been worked out on the earlier 2.0 Neon engines.

What car has a 2.5 L engine?

The Iron Duke engine (also called 151, 2500, Pontiac 2.5, and Tech IV) is a 151 cu in (2.5 L) Straight-4 piston engine built by the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors from 1977 to 1993.

Iron Duke engine.

Iron Duke
Displacement 150.8 cu in (2.5 L)
Cylinder bore 4 in (101.6 mm)
Piston stroke 3 in (76.2 mm)
Block material Iron

Are 318 and 360 heads the same?

318 and 360 magnum heads are the same casting. 58cc chambers and 1.92/1.625 valves. Your 360 heads are probably just 1.88/1.60 and something like 75cc. The magnums have a 1.6 ratio rocker arm so that will raise your cam lift .

Is a 340 a Hemi?

In a 1969 test, HOT ROD Magazine got its 340, 4 speed Formula S ‘Cuda with 3.91:1gears to turn high-13’s. It is stated – the 340 should be considered the ‘Hemi of the small block family’.

Is the Dodge 5.2 a good motor?

The 5.2 is a great motor. Easy to work on, lots of aftermarket (not as much as a 302 or 350, but a close third), and quite tough. Fuel economy isn’t as good as the 4.7 and power (stock) is about the same.

What engine is better 318 or 360?

The advantage of the 360 over the 318 for a street/strip engine is the obvious cubic inch advantage, the longer stroke crank has more leverage for more torque, and the larger bore size lets you use cylinder heads with larger valves for more airflow.

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Can you put 340 heads on a 318?

340/2.02 heads will be a direct bolt on. No need for unshrouding/the cylinder bore on a 318. This operation is only necessary when putting 2.02 valve heads on a 273.

Can I put 360 heads on a 318?

You can run the 360 manifold on the 318 heads just use the 360 intake caskets. Your really only other option would be to get a manifold made for a 318.. Most Edelbrock manifolds are 360 runner sized already but they fit a 318.

Why do they call the 5.0 a coyote?

Because they knew the Road Runner 5.0 would be faster. Ford named the 5.0 engine after the car chassis that AJ Foyt drove during his INDY career. Foyt’s engine was built by FORD and his car chassis “brand” was Coyote.

How much HP does a 340 have?

The 340 was still the LA power king, with 240 gross horsepower and 290 lb-ft of toruqe – when the 360 was rated at 175 hp and 285 lb-ft.

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1968 specs 1968 318 V8 (Valiant) 1968 340 V8
Carburetor type 2-bbl. Carter AVS 4-bbl
Horsepower 230 @ 4400 rpm 275 @ 5000 rpm

How many cubic inches is a 5.2 VooDoo?

Ford 5.2L “Voodoo” Flat Plane V-8 Specs

Engine: Ford 5.2L “Voodoo” Flat Plane V-8
Displacement: 315 cid, 5.2 liters, 5163 cc
Assembly Plant: Romeo, Michigan
Bore x Stroke: 3.70″ x 3.66″ (94 mm x 93 mm)
Compression Ratio: 12.0 : 1