Question: How do you turn off holiday lock on a Centurion Gate Motor?

If you have activated Holiday Lockout by accident, there are a number of ways that you can deactivate it. You can either press the remote button that was used to lock the system, bridge the “Lck” terminal to one of the common terminals using a wire link, or default the controller*.

What is holiday lock on Centurion Gate Motor?

Holiday Lockout: Holiday Lockout, native to our D-Series range of gate motors including the D5-Evo, allows you to electronically “lock” the gate motor so that only the remote control that invoked the function is able to use the system, preventing unauthorised access while you’re away.

How do you cancel auto close on Centurion D5 gate?


Press and hold the TEST button. L1 will start flashing; once pause, once – twice, when L1 flashes twice release the TEST push button. L1 will continue to flash twice. L2 will be OFF.

How do you lock a centurion gate motor?

Holiday Lockout for CENTURION Gate Motors

  1. Press and hold the oblong enter button for two seconds to access the menu.
  2. Use the directional arrow buttons to scroll to the Remote Controls menu, and press the oblong button again, only momentarily this time.
  3. Select, using the oblong button, the very first sub-menu, called Add Remote.
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Why is my Centurion Gate Motor beeping?

In the event of a power failure, for example due to load-shedding or the power supply (charger) being damaged by, say, lightning, your CENTURION gate motor will periodically emit two short beeps until power is restored. This error is especially common following heavy thunderstorms.

How do you reset an automatic gate?

How to HARD RESET the control board of the automatic gate? This procedure is very easy. You only have to press PROG and CH2 buttons at the same time for about six seconds, until DL7 and DL8 flash in red. Release the same buttons.

How long does a gate motor last?

A good system that was designed correctly should fulfil a reasonable 15 to 20 years with routine servicing and adequate maintenance.

How do you unlock a gate on a motor?

To disengage a gate motor/unlock the gate:

If the motor has a manual release key, insert the key into the lock and turn it. (If the key fits into a sliding gate door lever, pull the turned key towards you to open the door lever until it clicks into the fully unlocked position, generally perpendicular to the motor).

How do you open a gate on a motor?

Operating a Sliding Gate Motor Manually.

  1. Step 1: Open the door on the motor. If you’re stuck without electricity, simply enter the key provided and open the little door on the motor. …
  2. Step 2: Manually slide the gate open. …
  3. Step 3: Close the door on the motor.


Why is my gate open by itself?

There are a few reasons that can cause your driveway gate to open by itself. One can be a malfunctioning motherboard, it can be old or new. … The reasons that can cause the gate in your driveway to open on its own can be simple but it take years of repair and installation experience to find the problem and repair it.

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How do you reprogram a centurion D5 gate?

How to Add Remotes to a Centurion D5 Gate Motor Operator

  1. Enter Programming Mode by pressing and holding the oblong (centre) button for approximately two seconds. …
  2. Press the up arrow once – the words “Remote Controls (Tx)” will appear on the screen. …
  3. “Add Remote” will now appear on the screen.


How do you set limits on a Centurion D5 gate?

Press and hold the oblong button (between the two arrows) for approximately 2 seconds 8. A screen will appear displaying the text “Setting Limits”; press the up arrow once until the screen displays “Remote Controls (TX)” 9. Press and release the oblong button (don’t hold it) 10.

Can a gate motor work without a battery?

This means that without a battery that is sufficiently charged it cannot open your gate even if there is power.