Question: Which of the following starting method Cannot be used for starting a 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor?

Which of the following starting methods can be used for starting a 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor?

Starting in-rush current in squirrel cage motors is controlled by applying reduced voltage to the stator. These methods are sometimes called as reduced voltage methods for starting of squirrel cage induction motors.

What kind of starter can be used for a squirrel cage induction motor?

The Delta Start Starter is ideally suited for High Starting torque application, where squirrel cage induction motor is selected up to 50HP capacity. The Delta Star Starter also improves the power factor & reduces the demand on power supply system.

Which of the following starter is used for 3 hp squirrel cage induction motor?

3. Automatic Star-Delta Starter: It is used for starting the squirrel cage induction motor and is a form of star-delta starter.

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What are the different starting methods of 3 phase induction motor?

The starting methods of three phase induction motor generally are direct-on-line starting, reduced-voltage starting and soft starter.

Reduced-voltage starting

  • Stator circuit series resistance starting. …
  • Star-delta starting. …
  • Autotransformer starting.


What are the types of starter?

Types of Magnetic Motor Starters

  • Direct-On-Line Starter. The direct-on-line starter is the simplest form of motor starter, other than a manual starter. …
  • Rotor Resistance Starter. …
  • Stator Resistance Starter. …
  • Auto Transformer Starter. …
  • Star Delta Starter.

Which starting method is the best method of induction motor?

Starting of an Induction Motor

  • Direct on-line starter. The direct on-line starter method, of an induction motor, is simple and economical. …
  • Star delta starter. The star delta starter method of starting three-phase induction motors is very common and widely used among all the methods. …
  • Autotransformer starter.

What are the applications of squirrel cage induction motor?

Application of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

  • Centrifugal pumps.
  • Industrial drives (e.g. to run conveyor belts)
  • Large blowers and fans.
  • Machine tools.
  • Lathes and other turning equipment.


What is the use of starter in 3 phase induction motor?

Star Delta starter

This is the most common form of starter used for three phase induction motors. It achieves an effective reduction of starting current by initially connecting the stator windings in star configuration which effectively places any two phases in series across the supply.

Which starter is suitable for 20 HP Delta connected squirrel cage induction motor?

The autotransformer is used to limit the starting current of the induction motor. This method is used for the high rating of squirrel cage induction motors. So, this method is most suitable for a 20 kW squirrel cage induction motor. 3-point and 4-point starters are used for the starting of DC motors.

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What is difference between squirrel cage and induction motor?

Key Differences Between Slip Ring & Squirrel Cage Induction Motor. The motor whose rotor is wound type such type of motor is called slip ring induction motor, whereas the squirrel cage motor, has a squirrel cage type rotor. … The starting torque of the slip-ring motor is high, whereas in squirrel cage motor it is low.

Which type of motor has high starting torque?

DC motor has high starting torque.In a series motor the same current flows through the armature and the field winding.

Why starter is used in induction motor?

⇒ The starter is a device which is basically used to limit the starting current by supplying reduced voltage to the motor at the time of starting.

Is DOL Star or Delta?

DOL means the motor is connected Directly ON Line using one contactor with no starting circuit to lower the high starting current. Typically the Delta part of Star-Delta. Star-Delta uses two contactors, one to start at a lower voltage in Star and one to run at a higher voltage in Delta configuration.

Why motor starting current is high?

Why High Starting Currents:

Resistance and leakage reactance circuit consist of resistance and leakage reactance of stator and rotor of induction motor connected in series. A load resistance (variable) is connected in series to the fixed rotor and stator impedance. During starting of the motor, slip will be one.

What is synchronous speed?

: a definite speed for an alternating-current machine that is dependent on the frequency of the supply circuit because the rotating member passes one pair of poles for each alternation of the alternating current.

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