Should I put my transducer on my trolling motor?

Mounting the transducer to your trolling motor can be more convenient as it can mean the transducer maintains its position under the water. It can also mean you don’t have to mount it to your transom or through the hull of your kayak, which could save you from drilling holes in your boat.

Can you use a transom mount transducer on a trolling motor?

NOTE: Do not use a transom mount Down Imaging transducer with an adapter kit on a trolling motor. The Down Imaging transducer made for a trolling motor has extra shielding in the housing and cables.

Do trolling motor mounted transducers work?

That said, most transducers can be easily mounted to your trolling motor and work best when attached this way.

What direction should transducer face?

3. DETERMINE THE TRANSDUCER MOUNTING ANGLE. The general rule of thumb is to mount the transducer to the starboard side, which is the down stroke of most single outboard boat propellers (right hand lower unit).

Can you mount a transducer on the front of a boat?

Transducers must not be mounted far enough from the keel to leave the water during turns but they should also not be mounted directly in front of the circle cut by an outboard’s propeller.

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How do you stop a trolling motor interference?

Add Ground Wire – Adding an external ground wire from the Minn Kota lower unit to the trolling motor battery negative/ground and depth finder battery negative/ground will help prevent interference.

Can I connect fish finder to trolling motor battery?

Most will suggest to wire your fishfinder to the starting battery. You may get interference having your fishfinder wired to the trolling motor batteries. You will get on screen interference plus, you don’t want to be running your trolling batteries down with electronics.

What can I do with excess transducer cable?

Re: what do people do with excess transducer cable

You can cut and shorten the cables if you wish, but make sure all joins are soldered, waterproofed and ahe foil and wire shields are rejoined.