What is ie5 motor efficiency?

The next version of the IEC standard will introduce the IE5 class, known as Ultra Premium Efficiency. Energy losses are reduced by 20% or more between classes, which means an IE5 motor will have a 20% loss reduction with respect to an IE4 motor.

What is meant by Standard Motor Efficiency?

To effectively evaluate the benefits of high efficiency electric motors, we must define “efficiency”. For an electric motor, efficiency is the ratio of mechanical power delivered by the motor (output) to the electrical power supplied to the motor (input).

What is an IE5 motor?

IE5 SynRM motors are an easy replacement for induction motors as they have the same size and output power, so no mechanical modifications are required.

What is difference between IE3 and IE4 motors?

IE3 premium motors are more energy efficient than IE2 motors. IE3 motors have higher inrush and starting currents but, in full run, will have a lower current consumption than IE2. Fig. … Some manufacturers do offer super-premium-efficiency (IE4) motors following standard IEC 60034-30-1.

What is IE1 IE2 and IE3 motors?

The IE1 motors lie in the Standard Efficiency range. The IE2 motors lie in the High-Efficiency range. The IE3 motors lie in the Premium Efficiency range and the IE4 motors lie in the Super Premium Efficiency range.

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Which motor has very high efficiency?

ABB recently set the world record for electrical synchronous motor efficiency. During factory acceptance tests (FATs) carried out with the customer present, we recorded a result of 99.05% full load efficiency on a 44 megawatt, 6-pole, synchronous motor.

How is motor efficiency calculated?

To calculate a motor’s efficiency, you must measure its mechanical output power and divide it by the electrical input power. Measuring mechanical output power is fairly easy: You can use a torque meter to find the mechanical power based on the motor’s speed and load.

What is IE rating of motor?

Internationally, there is a standard which stipulates the energy efficiency of low voltage AC motors, namely the International Efficiency (IE). The purpose of which is to promote higher energy efficiency to reduce the energy consumption and the energy cost of low voltage AC motors.

Which is better IE2 or IE3?

Efficiency:IE3 average value is 91.5%, IE2 average value is 87%. Note: The above all are calculated value of electromagnetism. From the above data, we can see that: one 7.5KW motor which has Grade 1 energy efficiency can save 892 degree than Grade 2.

What is the efficiency of a premium efficient motor?

What is the Efficiency of NEMA Premium Motors? This table is for motors operating at full-load. However, NEMA Premium Efficiency motors can normally operate at high efficiency for all load values above 50%, reaching their peak efficiency at around 80% load.

What is IE 3 in motor?

The New Standard IEC60034-30/IS12615:2011 defines and harmonizes worldwide the IE efficiencies classes for low-voltage three-phase cage Induction motors. What is IE? IE is “International Efficiency” with class 1, 2 & 3 i.e. IE1 & IE2 & IE3. The new standard IEC 60034-30: 2008 & IS12615:2011 defines these classes.

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What does IE2 mean?


Acronym Definition
IE2 Internet Explorer 2 (Microsoft web browser)

What makes a motor Premium efficiency?

Premium efficiency motors are designed by including more iron and copper material than is used on standard electric motors. As a result, premium efficiency motors are typically larger and heavier than standard electric motors.