What is the advantage of consequent pole motors over some other types of variable speed motors?

What is the advantage of consequent pole motors over some other types of variable speed motors? They maintain a high torque when speed is reduced. A consequent pole motor has synchronous speeds of 1800, 1200, and 900 RPM.

What is a consequent pole motor?

A Consequent Pole Winding is a three-phase AC induction motor winding that is concentric wound (coil inside of a coil), but it only utilizes half the coil groups of a Concentric Winding.

What is consequent pole method?

In the method of consequent poles, a single stator winding is divided into few coil groups. The terminals of all these groups are brought out. By simply changing the coil connections, the number of poles can be changed. In practice, the stator windings are divided only in two coil groups.

How many speeds can be obtained from a consequent pole motor that contains only one stator winding?

If the current direction is opposite through each pole piece, they will produce opposite magnetic polarities and are essentially two poles. Two-speed consequent pole motors contain one reconnectable stator winding.

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What is disadvantage of high impedance motor?

The disadvantage of motors that contain high impedance stator windings is that they are very limited in the amount of torque they can produce. When load is added to a motor of this type, its speed will decrease rapidly. … This limits the type of induction motors to capacitor start capacitor run and shaded pole motors.

What is the pole in motor?

The motor drive energizes stator teeth one after the other to make the rotor turn, thanks to its magnets’ tendency to force alignment with the stator teeth. Simply defined, a pole is a north or south magnetic field of force that is generated by a permanent magnet or current passing through a coil of wire.

What is the rpm of a 4 pole motor?

Motor Wiring and Number of Poles

A 60 Hz power supply changes polarity 60 times per second, and a two-pole motor will spin at 3,600 rpm when connected to this source. A four-pole motor will only rotate at 1,800 rpm. For 50 Hz motors, the speed is 3,000 rpm with 2 poles, and 1,500 rpm with 4 poles.

Which is better 2 pole or 4 pole motor?

A 2 pole motor has high speed due to less number of poles. Conversely, a 4 pole motor has low speed due to more number of poles. A 2 pole motor is more efficient on the flip side, a 4 poles motor is less efficient. A 2 pole motor has more RPM value; on the other side, the 4 poles motor has fewer revolutions per minute.

How is motor pole calculated?

The formula is n = 60 x f /p where n = synchronous speed; f = supply frequency & p = pairs of poles per phase. The actual running speed is the synchronous speed minus the slip speed.

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What is the rpm of a 6 pole motor?

Six-pole motors run at 1,200 rpm unloaded (7,200 ÷ 6) and between 1,050 and 1,175 rpm loaded.

When a stepping motor is connected to AC power how many phases must be applied to the motor?

When a stepping motor is connected to AC power, two phases must be applied to the motor. Stepping motors can be operated on AC. In this mode of operation, they become two-phase AC synchronous motors and are classified as permanent magnet induction motors.

What is the disadvantage of a motor that contains a high impedance stator winding?

To prevent excessive current flow to the motor when the speed of the rotor is decreased. What is the disadvantage of a motor that contains a high impedance stator winding? … There is no mechanical connection between rotor and drum, resulting in no wear of the rotor.

Why can’t an induction motor run at synchronous speed?

The Induction Motor cannot run at Synchronous speed because the Slip is never zero in an Induction Motor.

Does higher impedance mean better sound?

The high-impedance versions sound more transparent and clearer, bass definition is better, and the soundstage is more spacious. … The lower moving mass of the 250- and 600-ohm headphones’ voice coils is lighter than the 32-ohm models, and the lower mass is part of the reason high-impedance headphones sound better.

Are high voltage motors more efficient?

A higher voltage system is more efficient than a lower voltage since it experiences less energy loss from resistance given the same amount of power draw. … That’s 80% more energy!

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Why does motor current increase with load?

In an electric motor, almost all types, the current is proportional to the torque. If the load increases, in other words, the torque increases and the current will increase. The magnetic field in a motor are related to the voltages. The rotor produces a field that turns at the same speed as the supply.