What is the AFC on a 12v Cummins?

At the back of the P7100, you’ll find the air fuel control (AFC) assembly. In addition to dictating when the governor arm hits the AFC arm, the AFC is in charge of controlling the pump’s fuel rate at low boost.

What is an AFC on a Cummins?

AFC Air Fuel Control: used on 94 – 98 diesels to control fuel rate at low boost. APPS Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor: used on ISB diesel for electronic throttle control.

How do I tune my AFC home?

As I see it, there are 4 basic adjustments you can do with the AFC.

  1. Move it forward or backward.
  2. Change the spring to a lighter (or heavier?) one.
  3. Rotate the star wheel.
  4. Adjust the preload screw on the back.


What does AFC live do?

The AFC Live is an air pressure regulator with bypass, operating on air with the inconsistencies and variables of air pressure (manifold pressure fluctuates).

Which way do you slide AFC housing?

The AFC housing is full forward and needs to be brought to the rear to limit the fueling curve a little bit before the starwheel setting comes into play. You will need to slide the the entire AFC housing backwards and repeat the above tuning steps.

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Is AFC live worth?

AFC Live is a nice piece, and can save you some time tuning. But, if your budget is tight, it’s not really needed for most builds. One simple/cheap mod that has a similar effect, is to just add a boost elbow or boost control valve in place of the original air fitting on the AFC.

What is the best year for 12 valve Cummins?

1996-1998 has the best injection pumps (perhaps ignoring the 1989-1993 VE) and stronger automatics compared to earlier years. Look at the buyers guide section in the thread below. The 1998 12 valve trucks were only built in 1997.

How do you turn up a 12 valve Cummins P pump?

How to turn up your P-Pump

  1. Remove your AFC Housing.
  2. Mod Your Fuel Plate either slide it forward or purchase a cut one.
  3. Adjust the governor lever to contact the fuel plate.
  4. Crank the star Wheel Towards the motor.
  5. Slide The AFC housing all the way forward.

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Which way do you turn the star wheel on a 12v Cummins?

Registered. top of the star wheel goes toward the engine, so counter clockwise if your standing in front of the truck.

How does a P7100 work?

The P7100 injection pump is flange-mounted to the engine and is driven directly from the engine’s crankshaft through a gear train. … Rotating the pump drive plate rotates the pump camshaft. The camshaft is supported by main bearings and rotates within the injection pump cambox.