What year Cummins has def?

Cummins Filtration has offered DEF since 2003 in 4 sizes: 55 gal drum, 275 gal disposable tote, 330 gal tote, and bulk. Cummins Filtration recently expanded their DEF product line to include smaller packaging options, including 1, 2.5, and 5 gallon containers. Q.

Does 2010 Dodge Cummins have def?

A: Yes, all Cummins SCR systems come equipped with a DEF filter located in the DEF tank.

What year did def fluid become mandatory?

When Commercial Fuel Services Started Including DEF

Come 2008, the EPA mandated that all three-quarter-ton and larger trucks had diesel particulate filters installed.

Does 2011 Ram 2500 have def?

The 2011 Ram is THE ONLY Diesel truck on the market for 2011 in the US that DOES NOT require DEF. The absence of DEF will undoubtedly save Ram owners time and money throughout the life of the truck. (Trucks equipped with DEF will not run unless there is DEF in the tank.)

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What year did def start in diesel trucks?

With the goal of reducing engine emissions further, specifically regarding NOx and particulate matter, the EPA introduced diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) 2010.

What happens if you don’t use def fluid?

If the truck is allowed to run out of DEF the engine’s power is reduced, a solid red warning will be displayed and the vehicle speed will be limited to 5 mph until the DEF tank is refilled.

Is Def bad for diesel engines?

Simply dumping diesel fuel in the DEF and vice versa (DEF in the fuel tank) will not harm your engine if you do not start the engine. The SCR should recognize that there is a solution other than DEF in the tank and notify the driver via the ECM readout on the dashboard. It is also important not to move the vehicle.

Can you pee in your DEF tank?

The urea found in urine is not in the proper concentration needed for DEF, nor is it of a sufficient level of purity, in either urea or water. The bottom line, to spell it out just one more time… urine and DEF = Never. DON’T PEE IN YOUR DEF TANK!

Is DEF fluid made from urine?

What is DEF made from? DEF is a mixture of (typically) 2/3 deionized water and 1/3 urea. … Technically, urea is derived from one of the byproducts of urine. But it’s synthetically made, so no cats are ever harmed in the production of the fluid.

Can you use water instead of DEF fluid?

For the O/O’s using DEF, you can use distilled water instead.

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What year Cummins is best?

To me the Holy Grail is an early-1998 Cummins 4×4 12-valve. The rear Quad Cab doors only started opening in 1998, but halfway through the model hear they started with the computerized 24-valve biz. That’s the best body configuration of the most reliable truck ever built and it’s got power potential as good as any.

How much def should a 6.7 Cummins use?

DEF consumption will be approximately 2% of the diesel fuel consumed. Another way to consider it is that DEF will be consumed on a 50 to 1 ratio with diesel. (For every 50 gallons of diesel fuel burned, you will use 1 gallon of DEF).

Will def ever go away?

A typical tankful of DEF will need to be refilled approximately every time you change your oil. It’s mostly water too, so it’s not going to break the bank. … All of these will have DEF tanks and SCR systems.

Who makes the best DEF fluid?

Let’s get started!

  1. Best DEF Fluids: Most Pure. BlueDEF DEF003 by BlueDEF. …
  2. Best DEF Fluids: Most Versatile. Prestone HD 1001 Command DEF. …
  3. Best DEF Fluid for Duramax Engines. Genuine GM Fluid 88862659 by ACDelco. …
  4. Best DEF Fluid for a Cummins. Sinopec DEF by Sinopec, Two 2.5 Gallon Jugs. …
  5. Best DEF Fluid for Ford PowerStroke.


What year did Peterbilt start using def?

Many 2010 D/Ps will have engines built before that date and you will find that 2011 will be the model year that DEF started.

How many miles does def last?

According to the owner’s manual, a full DEF tank should last 6300 miles, but, as everyone knows by now, your mileage will vary.

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