Which motor is useful for blower and fan MCQS?

Which motor is useful for blower and fan Mcq?

For blower applications, the most common motors are 2-pole (3600 rpm), 4 poles (1800 rpm), and 6-pole (1200 rpm). The most preferred motor for the blower is squirrel cage induction motor, synchronous motor, DC shunt Motor, Split-phase motor.

Which motor is useful for blower?

Use of brushless dc motors is growing faster than that of any other motor type. Their application in blowers is no exception.

Which DC motor is used in blower?

Ceiling fans specifically use the brushless DC motor, that is, the synchronous DC motor. DC motors require less electrical energy and help to minimize power consumption up to 70%.

Which motor is used in traction?

Explanation: DC motors are used for traction as, according to the characteristics of DC motors speed is inversely proportional to torque and square of armature current as well, if linear magnetization is concerned. Thus, DC motors are perfectly suitable for traction.

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Which type of capacitor is used in fan?

Fixed capacitors are used in fans.As you can see on the capacitor by yourself. its capacitance is generally from 4-6 micro farad. variable capacitor is used in radio. You are welcome to read more Important Interview Questions and MCQs.

Which motor is used in ceiling fan AC or DC?

AC motors use the supplied power from your electrical wiring directly, regulating speeds by controlling the frequency of the current. DC motors convert the supplied power from your ceiling, regulating speeds by controlling the electrical current.

What is the purpose of a blower?

Blower is equipment or a device which increases the velocity of air or gas when it is passed through equipped impellers. They are mainly used for flow of air/gas required for exhausting, aspirating, cooling, ventilating, conveying etc. Blower is also commonly known as Centrifugal Fans in industry.

Which air blower is best?

Best Air Blowers in India

  • Bosch GBL 620W Air Blower. Bosch GBL 620W air blowers are known for their best in class performance. …
  • Black + Decker 530W Air Blower. Black and Decker air blowers are capable of blowing as well as sucking air. …
  • Stanley 600W Air Blower. …
  • Cheston 700W Air Blower.


What is blower and its types?

Industrial blowers are mechanical devices which are used in the places/process where flow of gas is needed such as conveying, ventilating, cooling, aspirating, exhausting etc. A blower is also often known as “Fans” in many industries.

How does a brushless DC fan work?

A brushed DC motor has permanent magnets on the outside of its structure, with a spinning armature on the inside. … In brushless DC motors, the permanent magnets are on the rotor, and the electromagnets are on the stator. A computer then charges the electromagnets in the stator to rotate the rotor a full 360-degrees.

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Do fans have DC motors?

The Pros and Cons of DC fans

DC fans have motors that rely on permanent magnets in order to attract and repel a rotor around the axis using electronic switching. DC technology is much newer than AC technology, which means there are fewer options available.

Why DC motor is used in ceiling fan?

The advantages of a DC motor ceiling fan over an AC motor ceiling fan: In most cases, they use less energy – up to 70% less than a standard AC fan. They are generally extremely quiet. They will often have more speed options, the reverse function on the remote, and are generally faster to start, stop and change speed.

Are locomotives AC or DC?

Depending on the design of the train, it can either produce AC or DC current using a generator powered by the diesel engine. Because of various electrical connections, multiple locomotives can be operated by a single lead until operated by a single crew.

Why is the DC motor preferred over AC motor?

AC motors are generally considered to be more powerful than DC motors because they can generate higher torque by using a more powerful current. However, DC motors are typically more efficient and make better use of their input energy.

Why regenerative braking is not possible in DC motor?

In case of DC Series motor, as the speed of Motor increases, the armature current and hence the field flux will decrease and therefore Back emf E can never be greater than the supply voltage V. Therefore, Regenerative Braking is not possible in DC Series Motor.

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