You asked: How good is the Vortec 4200 engine?

Is the Vortec 4200 a good engine?

Despite the awards, the Vortec 4200 hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves from the public, in part because its fuel economy was actually worse than that of the more powerful 5.3-liter V8 offered on the Trailblazer and other GMT 360 vehicles at the time.

What is a Vortec 4200 engine?

The LL8 (or Vortec 4200), is a straight-6 gasoline engine produced between 2002 and 2009. … It has four valves per cylinder, utilizes dual-overhead cams (DOHC) design, and features variable valve timing on the exhaust cam, a first for GM Inline engines.

How much horsepower does a 4.2 Vortec have?

Horsepower. The 4.2-liter Vortec produced 275 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, which is a high number compared to its competition. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer and the Dodge Durango only produce 210 horsepower from their respective six-cylinder engines.

How long will a Chevy Trailblazer last?

Here is the short answer to how long do Chevy Trailblazers last: The Chevrolet Trailblazer is a durable vehicle with an average lifespan of 200,000 miles. This means you can expect approximately 13 years of service, provided the vehicle is properly maintained, well looked after and driven smoothly.

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Why are straight six engines so good?

Since the V6 does have six cylinders, it’s a good option for making powerful yet small cars. In terms of power, the shape of a V6 engine opens up a convenient space for turbos as well. Since V6 engines can be mounted low in the engine bay, the overall center of gravity is lower.

How many cylinders is a Vortec 4200 engine?

Technical Specs

Vortec 4200 I6 (LL8)
Type 4.2-liter, DOHC inline six-cylinder w/cast aluminum block
Displacement (cu in/cc) 256 / 4195
Bore & stroke (in/mm) 3.66 x 4.01 / 93 x 102
Cylinder head material cast aluminum

Are Chevy Trailblazers good cars?

Is the Chevrolet Trailblazer a Good SUV? The all-new 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer is a decent subcompact SUV. The Trailblazer offers an upscale and spacious interior, a user-friendly infotainment system, and a wide array of standard features like Apple CarPlay, forward collision warning, and lane keep assist.

Why did Chevy stop making the trailblazer?

Production of the EXT model was handled by the Oklahoma City Assembly plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The last TrailBlazer EXT rolled off the assembly line on February 20, 2006, because GM had reportedly closed that plant, making 2006 the final year for the TrailBlazer EXT.

How much horsepower does a 4.2 v6?

Ford 4.2L Essex V-6 Specs

Engine: Ford 4.2L Essex V-6
Peak Horsepower: 217 hp @ 4,800 rpm (initial, 1997 model year) 202 hp @ 4,800 rpm (2002 – 2008 model year)
Peak Torque: 262 lb-ft @ 3,400 rpm (initial, 1997 model year) 252 lb-ft @ 3,400 rpm (2002 – 2004 model year) 260 lb-ft @ 3,400 rpm (2005 – 2008 model year)
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What is a 4.2 Vortec engine?

The 4.2-liter Chevrolet engine was placed in the 2002 through 2009 Chevy TrailBlazer. This engine was the replacement for the aged 4.3-liter V-6 engine. The 4.2-liter–like the 4.3-liter before it–is a member of the Vortec family of engines. Vortec is Chevrolet’s version of variable-valve timing.

Is the 4.2 v6 a good engine?

Yes they are a very good, reliable motor. They have got a bad reputation from their early days but mynext one will have one in it. The 4.2 had an issue with intake gaskets that could allow coolant into the cylinders.

Is a Chevy 4.2 an interference engine?

Valve Interference (4.2 I-6)

The GM Service Manual does not stipulate whether the 4.2 liter Vortec is an interference or free running engine. However, since the manual does not specifically warn the technician not to rotate the crankshaft when the timing chain is removed suggests it is free running.

What is the Chevy Trailblazer comparable to?

The 2021 chevy Trailblazer is designed to compete against other tiny SUV rivals, like the Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Kona, and Mazda CX-30.

How many miles can a trailblazer go on a full tank of gas?

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer Driving Range

With a city driving range of 343.2 miles and a highway driving range of 396.0 miles per tank, drivers near the Pensacola, FL, area can take on the world one tank of gas at a time.

Is the 2006 Chevy Trailblazer a good SUV?

Strong engine performance, comfortable highway ride, extensive features list, user-friendly controls. Skittish handling around corners, numb steering, generic interior design with mediocre materials.

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