Can you fix a condenser fan motor?

Can a condenser fan motor be repaired?

As we’re in the heart of air conditioner season, you may find yourself dealing with an expired condenser fan motor. Fortunately, this is a repair that can be done by non-professionals. Start by confirming the issue is in fact a motor in need of replacement. Begin by turning off the power to the A.C. unit.

How much does it cost to replace a condenser fan motor?

What’s the Cost of Repairing or Replacing a Fan Motor? The average cost of a condenser fan motor repair is between $300 and $500. This price includes both the price of the part and the labor to have it installed. However, it needs to be replaced right away to prevent further damage to the compressor.

What causes a condenser fan motor to fail?

The main causes of failure are loss of lubricant, a failed run capacitor, a failed bearing in a belt drive, a little water dripping into the windings or a voltage problem. So technicians should carefully check to find the cause of a failure before changing the motor.

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How do I know if my condenser fan motor is bad?

5 Signs That Indicate a Failing AC Fan Motor

  1. The fan won’t start even though the AC is on. …
  2. The fan continues to run, even when shutting off the AC. …
  3. The fan is on but rotating very slowly. …
  4. The fan runs intermittently. …
  5. There’s a rattling or buzzing noise coming from the condenser unit when the fan is turned on.


What happens when condenser fan fails?

When the condenser overheats, all of the components of the AC system will begin to overheat until they eventually get hot enough to burn and emit an odor. … A failed fan will not only fail to produce cold air, but can even result in damage to the AC system due to overheating.

How long does an AC condenser fan motor last?

If the motor fan is kept clear and it receives sufficient cooling, it could conceivably last for 10-15 years or longer. If the unit isn’t cared for annually, however, the motor could fail within 1-3 years or less.

How much does it cost to replace a fan motor?

When your air conditioner’s fan motor breaks, it will typically cost about $300 to $600 to replace. It’s imperative to get this fixed quickly, since without a working fan motor your air conditioner’s compressor can be the next domino to tumble. Its repair is even more significant — usually running closer to $2,000.

When should I replace my AC fan motor?

Signs You May Need a New AC Fan Motor

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Rattling: A rattling sound could indicate that the fan motor or its components are loose or failing. Rattling, scraping, or banging could also mean that debris is caught inside, however, so a serviceman may need to examine the unit to decide what it is causing the sound.

Why does my condenser fan stop running?

A slow condenser fan (or air handler unit fan) could be caused by a bad start-run capacitor. Unfortunately this condition could indicate a burned-out A/C or heat pump compressor motor. … This can leave the fan motor running. A bad fan motor can also cause the fan to turn but only abnormally slowly.

What causes a condenser fan motor to over amp?

If it is not then more than likely the motor is bad or something is causing it to over amp. Usual causes of an over-amping condensing fan motor is when it has the wrong start run capacitor or wrong fan blade. … Using the old start run capacitor with a new motor can damage a new motor.

Why is my condenser fan not running?

If the fan takes off and then keeps going on its own, you more than likely have a bad start capacitor. … If the fan doesn’t start running, you may have a bad fan motor. If you have difficulty getting the blades to turn, there may be debris wrapped around the fan axle, or the motor bearings may be dirty or jammed.

What does a bad blower motor sound like?

A defective blower motor will make a continuous sound noticeable by the passengers in the vehicle. It can manifest as a knocking, whirring, clunking, vibrating, squealing, or whining noise that persists until the blower motor is replaced.

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