How do you test a 2004 Cummins injector?

on the 04 there are three injector plugs, one for each two injectors. it is a square plug located on driver side high up near the valve cover. remove the plug and check each 2 injector wires for resistance. you should read about 0.4 or 0.5 ohms, if one is above 1 ohm it has a cracked crystal and is bad.

What are the symptoms of a bad diesel fuel injector?

Here are the 5 most common symptoms of faulty diesel fuel injectors.

  • Trouble starting the vehicle or uneven idling. The engine cranks but doesn’t start unless you crank it for a long time. …
  • Misfire. …
  • Smell of fuel. …
  • Dirty emissions. …
  • Increased fuel consumption and poor miles per gallon.


What does a bad diesel injector sound like?

A bad injector can sound exactly like a rod knock. One that completly fails and squirts all it’s fuel all at once will scare the daylights out of you it’s so loud. You’ll think it’s going to crack the block!

How do I know if my common rail injectors are bad?

Symptoms of a faulty Common Rail injector?

  1. Check engine light: if the engine is not performing as it should, it can trigger the engine management light to come on. …
  2. Rough idle: if fuel delivery is restricted, the RPM at idle will drop resulting in a rough idle.
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How do you test a fuel injector solenoid?

How to perform the test

  1. Connect the low amp clamp into PicoScope Channel A.
  2. Select the 20 A scale and zero the clamp before connecting to the injector supply circuit.
  3. You will see that PicoScope has displayed an example waveform and is preset to capture your waveform.
  4. Start the scope to see live data.

How can you tell if a diesel injector is bad?

If it starts easier and the exhaust is cleaner, you have found the faulty injector. If the engine will not start at all, it is most likely due to a badly leaking fuel injector causing low fuel pressure. If the engine starts, it is an indication of a bad injector. You must do this to each cylinder, one at a time.

Can diesel injectors be serviced?

As a rough guide diesel injectors will need to be serviced after 100,000 km, but this can vary widely with the vehicle. … the pressure at which the injector opens, and 2. the spray pattern from the injector. Sometimes we detect an incorrect opening pressure which is typically remedied by replacing a shim or a spring.

How much does a diesel injector service cost?

It’s typically cars with more than 100,000km that require fuel injector replacement, but an unexpected problem could require replacement sooner. On average, replacing one fuel injector will be approximately $300 to $500, depending on the make and model you drive.

How long does it take to test a diesel injector?

PD injectors ( Pumpe Duse) can be sent away for testing. This will take 4-5 working days.

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