How much is a Cummins 4BT?

How much does a 4BT Cummins cost?

To be sure, deals can still be found in some instances, but the cat is definitely out of the bag on the 4BT Cummins. For most running take-out engines, you’re looking at $1,500 to $3,500, and if you come to find out the engine needs an overhaul after the sale things can get expensive—fast.

How much power does a 4BT Cummins make?

The 3.9L (4BT) Cummins inline-four diesel engine creates 105hp and 265 lb-ft of torque from its relatively small size of 30.6 in long, 24.6 in wide and 37.7 in high. This is what makes it such a popular candidate for engine swaps.

What vehicles came with a 4BT Cummins?

Because of its very respectable torque output, the 3.9L Cummins 4BT engine really has made a mark in the off-road/rock-crawling scene and is a popular swap engine for Jeeps, Ford Broncos, Chevy Blazers, Toyota 4Runners, and other vehicles that get down off the pavement.

Is the Cummins 4BT a good engine?

Overall, the Cummins 4BT and 6BT (5.9L) are excellent engines. The reason they are so popular and still in use is that they are easy to maintain, are built well and will get the job done for 1,000,000 miles.

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What does bt mean in Cummins?

4BT History. The 4BT—which stands for “fourcylinder B series turbocharged”— was used mostly in midsize box trucks, agricultural equipment and small industrial vehicles, and is basically a smaller version of the popular 5.9L 12V Cummins found in 1989-98 Dodge trucks.

What is the best Cummins Engine?

Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel

It is packed with features that make it the best Cummins engine that is currently on the market. Because of its prestige and durability, many RAM owners are choosing to upgrade to this bigger, more powerful model from the one that came standard in their early 2000’s truck.

What is so great about the 12 valve Cummins?

A stroke of 4.72 inches (accompanied by a 4.02-inch bore) yields 359 cubic inches, incredible low-rpm torque and remarkable fuel efficiency. Along with it being in an inline engine’s nature to produce gobs of torque, they’re also easier to work on than the V8 competition.

What is the smallest Cummins Engine?

The QSF2. 8 is the smallest engine to be introduced by Cummins for the off-highway industry.

Can you put a Cummins in a Ford?

If you are considering a Cummins® diesel conversion into your Super Duty® Ford®, or Chevy truck- you have come to the right site. … The Cummins diesel, famous for simplicity and reliability, can be installed in the truck you have- making it the truck you want to keep.

How much horsepower does a 3.9 Cummins have?

First generation 3.9L 4BT Cummins Diesel engines produce 105 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. Second generation engines, known as 4BTA engines, use 4 valves per cylinder, and produce higher performance numbers.

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Does a 4BT Cummins have sleeves?

The one very unique aspect of this 4BT that separates it from any other redone 3.9L Cummins out there is that its sleeves ride on bearings and rotate in a circle at up to 300 rpm. The function has many advantages, but even this “new” idea is rooted in the past.

What is the difference between 4BT and 6bt?

4bt is lighter and smaller but can rattle a bit. 6bt has more power, no rattle but larger in size and weight.

Who owns Cummins Diesel?

Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, United States, Cummins sells in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 600 company-owned and independent distributors and approximately 6,000 dealers.


Formerly Cummins Engine Company (1919–2001)
Founders Clessie Lyle Cummins J Irwin Miller

How much is a Cummins swap?

How much does a diesel Cummins conversion cost? Prices can vary from roughly $5,000 to $10,000 or more. This all depends on what engine you choose, where you are swapping it, how you are swapping it and the amount of labor necessary to complete the project.

Does Cummins make 4 cylinder diesel?

There are two types of 4-cylinder diesel engines developed by Cummins: the 3.9-liter Cummins 4bt and the Cummins B3. 3. The latter comes in five versions, ranging from 60 to 85 in horsepower.