Question: What is the road tax on a Ford Fiesta 1 0 EcoBoost?

How much is a Ford Fiesta road tax?


Annual Road Tax Six-monthly Road Tax
1.25 Edge (82ps) 5d (22 Mar 2010 – 30 Oct 2012) £130.00 £71.50
1.25 Edge (82ps) 5d (5 Oct 2009 – 21 Mar 2010) £155.00 £85.25
1.25 Edge 3d £130.00 £71.50
1.25 Edge 5d £130.00 £71.50

Do you pay road tax on EcoBoost?

Ford’s award-winning Ecoboost engine comes with either 100bhp or 125bhp, both which qualify for free road tax.

What Insurance Group is a Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost?


Insurance Group
Zetec (Ford Navigation System) 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS PowerShift auto 3d 10
Zetec (Ford Navigation System) 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS PowerShift auto 5d 10
Zetec 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS 3d 10
Zetec 1.0T EcoBoost 100PS 5d 10

Is Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost any good?

Conclusion. This Ford Fiesta 1.0-litre EcoBoost 125PS is an excellent car to drive in virtually every way. It’s light, agile, fun, responsive, refined, comfortable and efficient. … It’s much better to drive than the Fiesta ECOnetic 1.6 TDCi, which, although a good car, seems unrefined in comparison.

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Do you pay road tax on Ford Fiesta?

The ‘First year rate’ is the amount paid when buying a new FORD Fiesta; the ‘Standard rate’ is the ongoing annual car tax payable.

Can you drive a car without tax when you buy it?

Long story short, it’s illegal to drive without car tax, but there are some scenarios where driving without car tax is unavoidable. Unless you meet certain criteria, the only time you’re allowed to travel without car tax is when you’re driving to a pre-booked MOT test.

What cars are exempt from tax?

Which vehicles are exempt from paying car tax?

  • Vehicles used by a disabled person. …
  • Disabled passenger vehicles. …
  • Mobility scooters, powered wheel chairs and invalid carriages. …
  • Historic vehicles. …
  • Electric vehicles. …
  • Mowing machines. …
  • Steam vehicles. …
  • Vehicles used just for agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

What small cars have no road tax?

Remarkably, the cars above aren’t the only ones that don’t require any road tax, manufacturers such as Renault have the Twingo, Clio, and Captur available; while Hyundai have the i30 in their line-up. Either way, you can’t go far wrong with any vehicles on this list, it purely comes down to your needs on a daily basis.

How much is tax for a 1.4 Fiesta?


Annual Road Tax CO2 Emissions (g/km)
1.4 TDCi Zetec 5d (Climate) (04) £30.00 116 (Band C)
1.4 TDCi Zetec 5d (Climate) (05) £30.00 119 (Band C)
1.6 TDCi Zetec 3d (Climate) (04) £30.00 119 (Band C)
1.6 TDCi Zetec 3d (Climate) (05) £30.00 116 (Band C)
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Is a 1.0 EcoBoost fast?

More powerful than the larger 1.1-litre engine, the 99bhp EcoBoost is perky and responsive, achieving 0-62mph in a very respectable 10.5 seconds. A 113mph top speed makes it fuss-free when cruising at motorway speeds, too.

Which is the most economical Ford Fiesta?

Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi (Official fuel economy – 78.5mpg)

Under the bonnet is Ford’s latest 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine, which can return a very healthy 78.5mpg on a combined cycle. The high levels of refinement and comfort make the Fiesta perfectly at home on the motorway, where you will see 88.3mpg!

What Insurance Group is a 1.6 Ford Fiesta?

Ford Fiesta (2008 – 2013) Insurance Groups

Version Group (1-50)
Titanium 1.6 3dr Hatchback 14
Titanium 1.6 5dr Hatchback 14
Titanium Econetic 1.6 TDCi 3dr Hatchback 12
Titanium Econetic 1.6 TDCi 5dr Hatchback 12

Which Ford Fiesta model is best?

  • Ford Fiesta Trend. Best for low-cost fun. Not the best for high-end spec. …
  • Ford Fiesta Titanium. Best all-round Ford Fiesta. Not the best for manual petrol drivers. …
  • Ford Fiesta ST-Line. Best for low-cost sports styling. …
  • Ford Fiesta Active. Best for off-road styling and drive. …
  • Ford Fiesta ST. Best for speed and performance.


What is replacing the Ford Fiesta?

The Ford Fiesta is heading for a facelift in 2021. The brand’s revamped supermini, which is Britain’s most popular new car, will go on sale in the UK later this year in hot pursuit of the new Hyundai i20 and the latest Renault Clio.

Are Ford Fiesta seats comfortable?

Once I got inside, I instantly found that the seats were excellent. I’ve praised the comfort in my Ibiza in a previous report, but once I’d settled into the Ford, I realised its seats were even more supportive.

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