Question: What spark plug does a Stihl 250 chainsaw take?

BPM7A NGK Spark Plug Fits Stihl MS200T, MS210, MS230, MS240, MS250, MS260, MS270, MS280, MS290, MS341, MS361, MS390, MS441, MS460 Chainsaws.

What spark plug does my Stihl chainsaw take?

For the best performance from your STIHL tool, we recommend that you always use the STIHL NGK spark plug. The spark plugs are listed in the “Technical data” chapter of your machine’s Instruction Manual. For more information and to order your genuine STIHL spark plug, contact your local Approved STIHL dealer.

When should I change my Stihl spark plug?

A poorly functioning engine in a Stihl chainsaw can mean more work for the operator and can even be dangerous. Consequently, Stihl recommends replacing the spark plug after every 100 service hours.

Does a Stihl MS250 have a compression release?

Suitable Replacement Stihl MS 250 C Compression Release Parts. The purpose of the compression release is to relieve the compression of the engine when starting the chain saw. Most compression releases thread into the cylinder on the side or on the top.

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What spark plug does a Stihl MS 180 take?

Stihl Ms 170, 180, 192T, 200, 210, 230, 250, 260, 261, 270, 280, 290, 291 Ngk Bpmr7A Chainsaw Spark Plug.

What can I use to clean my spark plugs?

To safely clean a spark plug, you should use a wire brush or spray-on plug cleaner specifically designed for this ignition part. You can also use a sturdy knife to scrape off tough deposits. Note: NEVER clean a spark plug with a shot blaster or abrasives.

How do you test a Stihl ignition module?

  1. Place the Stihl tool on a sturdy work surface. Start the test with either a cool or a warm engine.
  2. Attach an automotive coil tester by placing the end of the tool with grooves over the sparkplug wire. Do not disconnect the wire from the sparkplug. …
  3. Watch the coil tester when cranking the equipment.

Why is my chainsaw not getting spark?

If there is no spark during this process, the problem is most likely a defective ignition coil. Remove the screws that hold the outer housing of the chain saw in place. Remove the housing to access the ignition coil. The ignition coil is located next to the carburetor.

How do you tell if a spark plug is bad in a chainsaw?

What Does a Bad Spark Plug Look Like and What Makes It Look That Way?

  1. Black, chunky carbon buildup spanning the gap between the sparking end of the plug and the hook-shaped metal piece overhanging the end.
  2. Dark carbon residue built up on the ends but not spanning the gap.
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What is the spark plug gap on a Stihl MS 170?

Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Review

Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Technical Specifications
Spark Plug Type Bosch WSR 6 F or NGK BPMR 7 A
Spark Plug Gap 0.5mm, 0.02in
Carburetor Type All position diaphragm type with built-in fuel pump.
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.25 litre

What causes too much compression in a Stihl chainsaw?

High compression is usually first diagnosed when the starter rope refuses to pull. … It is much more common for the starter rope to be causing some friction or for it to be sprung too tightly. Pull the rope out and oil it to see if that helps the problem.

Why is my Stihl ms250 so hard to start?

Could be a fuel delivery problem. Carb diaphragms stiff, Carb dirty, Fuel line cracked, Fuel filter partially clogged. Also, make sure air filter is clean.

How much compression should a Stihl ms250 have?

According to Stihl USA, the minimum compression reading for their chainsaws should be around 110 psi. Some individual engines may run a bit higher or lower and the temperature of the tool can affect readings. A cool chainsaw runs low, while a hot engine that’s been running for awhile will usually be higher.