Quick Answer: How do you soundproof a pool motor?

Can you soundproof a pool pump?

The amount of noise it makes may not bother you but your nearby neighbors may take issue with the extra sound your pool pump makes. Soundproofing a pool pump is a relatively simple task. You’ll need to start out by creating a small box that will enclose the pump itself.

How do I reduce the noise on my pool pump?

How to Quiet a Noisy Pool Pump

  1. Reduce the Vibrations of your Pool Pump’s Motor. …
  2. Clean the Skimmer Basket Regularly. …
  3. Try Raising the Level of Water in the Pool. …
  4. Keep Your Pool Pump Basket Clean. …
  5. Keep Your Impeller Clean. …
  6. Replace the Bearings on the Pool Pump Motor. …
  7. Replace the Whole Pool Pump.

How do you fix a noisy pool pump motor?

How To Troubleshoot a Pool Pump Motor – Motor Noisy

  1. BE SAFE – Before you even touch the motor, MAKE SURE THE POWER IS OFF. …
  2. CHECK LOOSE EXTERNAL PARTS – Check motor coupling, brackets and other attached parts. …
  3. CHECK LOOSE INTERNAL PARTS – Turn the motor shaft. …
  4. CHECK BEARINGS – If a tight shaft is not due to loose internal parts, check the motor’s bearings.
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Why is my pool pump motor so loud?

One of the most common causes for a noisy pump is that it’s running dry. … If your pool water level has fallen below halfway on the skimmer faceplate, your pump might be sucking in air as well as water. This puts more strain on the pool pump, causing it to work harder—and louder.

How loud should a pool motor be?

During normal operation, the noise made by the pump motor should be a barely audible hum, but when the pump begins to make louder noises, it’s a sign that something is amiss. Not only is the noise disruptive, it usually signals that the filter system is no longer cleaning the pool properly.

How long does a pool motor last?

Well-maintained high-quality pool pumps can last between eight to 12 years. If you’ve missed out on many critical pool services, however, you can expect your pump to fail sooner. If your pump is more than half a decade old and it’s becoming more and more problematic, it’s best to get a new one.

How much noise does pool equipment make?

A typical swimming pool pump runs in the range of 65-90 decibels, almost as loud as riding in a subway car.

How do I lubricate my pool pump motor?

Pull the motor armature out of the housing. Rub a generous amount of water-based engine lubricant on your fingers. Rub your fingers over each bearing, lubricating it well.

How do you know if your pool pump motor is bad?

Strange Sounds Coming from the Motor

  1. If everything looks like it’s in good shape with the overall pump, it’s time to move onto the motor. …
  2. If you hear a loud grinding sound, it’s usually a sign that the bearings are getting worn down.
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How do I stop my neighbors pool pump from making noise?

14 Effective Ways How to Quiet a Noisy Pool Pump

  1. Raise the Water Level in Your Pool.
  2. Clean Out the Skimmer Baskets.
  3. Empty the Pump Basket.
  4. Level the Pool Pump and Filter.
  5. Install Vibration Pads.
  6. Tighten the Mounting Screws/Bolts.
  7. Clean the Impeller on Your Pool Pump.
  8. Replace Worn Out Bearings/Rebuild Pump Motor.


What is the most quiet pool pump?

Quietest Pool Pumps 2020

  1. Hayward SP270X10 1 HP MaxFlo Standard Efficient Single Speed Pool Pump. …
  2. Blue Wave NE6183 Tidal Wave 2-Speed Replacement Pump. …
  3. Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pump. …
  4. Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High-Performance Pool Pump. …
  5. Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump.

How much does it cost to replace a pool pump motor?

Pool Pump Motor Replacement Cost

Including labor and materials, replacing the pool pump motor costs between $250 and $650. This can be a much more affordable option compared to replacing the entire pump, as long as your pump is expected to last for at least a few more years. Pool pumps last an average of 8 to 15 years.