What is EFI electronic fuel injection?

Electronic fuel injection replaces the need for a carburetor that mixes and fuel. EFI does exactly what it sounds like – it injects fuel directly into an engine’s manifold or cylinder using electronic controls.

How does an EFI fuel system work?

Electronic fuel injection (EFI)

The fuel exits the fuel tank via the fuel pump. It travels through fuel lines towards the engine. The fuel pressure regulator constricts the flow of fuel and only lets a calculated amount through to the injectors. … This sensor tracks how much air is entering the engine at any given time.

Why is EFI used?

EFI-equipped engines provide higher power and torque than a carbureted version of the same engine. They optimize air/fuel ratios and ignition timing while compensating for other factors to maintain continuous optimum performance.

What is EFI engine system?


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The Electronic Fuel Injection system fitted to most modern vehicles combines sophisticated computer controls with a high pressure fuel delivery system to provide optimum power and fuel efficiency. The system is controlled by an electronic control unit (ECU).

How does an electronic fuel injection EFI system work on a petrol engine?

A basic EFI system will consist of an electronic control unit – ECU – a fuel pump to deliver the required fuel pressure, fuel injectors and several sensors. … The injector will typically be positioned in the inlet runners leading to each cylinder and will spray a small amount of fuel through its nozzle when triggered.

Which is better EFI or carburetor?

EFI systems are more fuel-efficient than carbureted engines. This is because the electronic system constantly adjusts the air to fuel ratio to ensure that optimal levels are delivered. Carbureted engines, on the other hand, may deliver an excess fuel to air ratio, which can lead to more fuel consumption.

What makes more power carb or EFI?

Warren Johnson: Properly tuned, carburetors make more peak power than EFI in a Pro Stock engine. … EFI performs well over 2,000 rpm or more. On average, if optimized, both systems perform about the same as far as how fast you get down the track. However, the EFI system is much easier to tune than a carburetor.

What is the advantage of fuel injection?

Advantages of Fuel Injection:

Accurate air-fuel mixture and atomisation. Cleaner and more efficient combustion. Sharper and quicker throttle response. Better fuel efficiency or mileage.

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Is EFI engine fuel efficient?

EFI technology uses a computer to sense how much air is going into the intake manifold and matches the correct amount of fuel to ensure the most efficient use of fuel. Essentially, this means EFI capability optimizes the air/fuel ratio at all engine speeds and load demands.

What are the signs of a bad fuel injector?

Here are a few signs there might be something wrong with your fuel injectors.

  • The Engine Misfires. Dirty fuel injectors may cause your vehicle’s engine to misfire. …
  • Idling Gets Rough. …
  • Your Gas Mileage Tanks. …
  • The RPM Needle Starts to Dance. …
  • Your Car Won’t Start.


What is the difference between EFI and VVTI engine?

EFI refers to fuel injection, and VVTI refers to valve train operation. The two are only coincidental to the operation of gasoline engines.

What are three types of fuel injection systems?

The three major types of fuel injection are known as throttle body injection, multiport injection, and direct injection.

What is an EFI service?

Your electronic fuel injection (EFI) system delivers fuel to the engine in a high speed and efficient manner, helping your vehicle to run smoothly. Symptoms of an EFI problem include the smell of fuel in the car, idling roughly, problems starting and frequent stalling.

What is EFI and their working principle?

Electronic Fuel Injection is a fuel spray system that works electronically controlled so that the mixture of air and fuel always follows the fuel motor’s needs. Thus, the chamber’s combustion will occur correctly to obtain optimal motor power and environmentally friendly exhaust gases.

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What are the components of electronic fuel injection system EFI and give their functions?

There are three components of electrical efi, ie sensors, ECU and injectors. The sensors itself, have function as detecting device, which the results serve as a reference for the ECU to determine how long the injector opens/how much gasoline spray out of the injectors.

Why is fuel injection better than carburetors?

Fuel injection, because it can be more precisely controlled, results in more efficient use of fuel, reduced fuel consumption and fewer emissions, which is the main reason it began to replace the carburetor in the 1970s.