What makes spark plugs Bend?

It is beginning to sound like there is some other problem, excessive carbon build up on the #1 piston maybe or maybe an improperly machined head, [flat but not level], maybe even the wrong piston or rod.

What can cause a bent spark plug?

Two things that cause bent electrodes. Either physical bending caused by piston contact from piston/rod assembly stretch or softening due to high combustion temps or the plug heat range is too high or the reach is too long.

What would cause a spark plug gap to close?

Actually, this happens most frequently from detonation due to poor fuel. sounds better than : Loose piston on one end or the other of the rod. You could take the head off & check piston.

How do I stop my spark plugs from loosening?

Re: Why do my spark plugs keep getting loose? Only snug them, basically once your wratchet stops, put less then a 1/4 turn on it. Theres no need to kill them. Use a q-tip to clean off extra anti seize.

What does it mean when the piston hits the spark plug?

Piston to spark plug contact generally would give you an indication of to close of tolerance, BUT, too long of a reach on the plug would also. Just a light touch on the plug can be overcome just by a simple head gasket change to a thicker gasket.

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What are the symptoms of a loose spark plug?

If your plugs are too loose, your engine is highly likely to experience one of the following: Problems with engine performance. Pre-ignition. Detonation.

Poor Engine Performance

  • Misfires.
  • Trouble getting the engine to start.
  • Slow, difficult acceleration.


How do I know if my spark plugs are loose?

Common signs of faulty spark plugs include slow acceleration, loss of power, poor fuel economy, engine misfires, and difficulty starting the car.

Can a spark plug damage a piston?

If the engine has been run for any length of time without spark there could be significant damage to the piston and ring from being repeatedly covered in unburnt fuel. And of course any impacts with bits of the broken plug (even relatively small flakes) could have done significant damage also.

Can a valve hit a spark plug?

A valve head could hit the proper-length plug, if it separated from the stem. But in that case, the engine is unlikely to turn over with the starter.

Can a broken spark plug damage engine?

Do NOT drive a car with a piece of sparkplug inside the engine. It can (and likely will) lead to serious damage (up to a catastrophic engine failure). Get your car towed to a service and have the pieces of the broken plug removed. Additionally, get the oil changed (probably with a flush too, to remove all the debris).