Your question: What is the best motor for airsoft?

Who makes the best airsoft Motors?

Terminus X motors are the best right now. I can’t wait for brushless motors. Someone get one to work!

What is the best high torque motor for airsoft?

NeoAugAU-3G Active Member. jg red is a very good motor, but it’s closer to a balance motor whereas the jg blue is the high torque. also very good. Other good high torques are shs and lonex a2, or a frankentorque.

What does a high torque motor do in airsoft?

High Torque airsoft Motors are designed to give the best ‘grunt’. They offer raw pulling (or twisting) power at the sacrifice of speed. Imagine a bodybuilder, they have a lot of strength and power but can’t run very fast. High torque motors are the trucks or 4x4s of the airsoft motor world.

What do motors do in airsoft?

What is a motor and what does it do? All contemporary airsoft AEGs use a mechanical system inside their gearbox that contains a combination of three gears and a motor to allow a smooth transfer of electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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Why does my airsoft motor get hot?

Usually heat means you are putting too heavy of a load on your motor. From the sounds of it your only options left are to get a better motor or get a weaker spring. If your battery is also getting hot there is a sign there could be a short some where in your electrical system.

Are SHS gears good?

SHS gears are easily the best out of the lot. … Still, they’re pretty great gears. The Lonex gears are great, but the 16+:1 ratio won’t give you any huge improvement over your stock gears.

Are Action Army Motors Good?

Action Army makes really good motors, but you do pay a lot more, and the $20 is negligible at least in terms of performance. You won’t need to change the spring or the gears. … You may strip your piston from the power of your motor (and to be honest, it’s an upgrade that every gun should have).

What does TPA mean Airsoft?

TPA does infact = Turns Per Armature. Here is the short answer: More TPA = More toque, but less speed. So conversely, less TPA = More speed, Less Torque.

What is the difference between high speed and high torque?

High torque motors have more torque than high speed… high speed motors are used in high rps setups, which require different gears, torque is used in high fps setups. There are much better upgrades that you can do for your gun besides motor and spring.

What is a high torque motor?

A torque motor is an electrical motor that is used for applications at low rotary speed quite often in direct drive without gear. … Torque motors are therefore more often qualified in torque and related speed than in power and the maximum torque is equal to 3 to 4 times the rated torque for allowing high dynamics.

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What does airsoft gear ratio mean?

Gear Ratios are how many times your motor needs to make a full revolution to fully cycle the gearbox and shoot. … That means that if you use a lower ratio gear set, your motor will have to make less turns to cycle everything, but it will be using more power per turn since it’s doing the same amount of work.

Do high torque motors increase FPS?

A higher torque motor spins with more force, which allows the gearbox to turn against heavier resistance from a higher tension spring which can increase the FPS.

What is trigger response Airsoft?

Trigger response, in the simplest terms, is the time between pulling the trigger and a BB leaving the barrel. As you might expect, for the best performing airsoft gun, the shortest or fastest trigger response is preferred. Spring and Gas guns have the fastest trigger response of all airsoft guns.